Hover-1™ Renegade E-Scooter

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Cruise the streets in style with Hover-1 Renegade Folding Electric Scooter in a one-level foldable design. Featuring an electronic throttle, rear disc brake with 10" pneumatic rubber tires, and powerful 900W brushless motors that can reach a speed of 18 mph even on a 15-degree incline. LED taillight helps improve visibility and LCD display keeps track of both speed and power. This easy-to-ride electric scooter is perfect for kids, teens, and young adults as it provides complete stability and control for your outdoor adventures. Equipped with a 54V/10 Ah Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, this two-wheel scooter can travel up to 33 miles on a 7-hour charge.

Product Detail




900W Motor

Up to 18 MPH

Up to 33 Miles

10" Pneumatic Tires

Rear Disc Brake

LED Digital Display


900W Brushless Motor

The Renegade has dual 450W brushless motors that can propel you up to 18 MPH. 

54V/11.6Ah Battery

The large battery let's you cruise the streets for up to 33 miles. 

10" Pneumatic Tires

Ride with the comfort of 10 inch pneumatic tires.

Rear Disc Brake

The rear disc brake lets you stop when you need to. 

Bluetooth Speaker®

The Renegade comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can play your favorite music while you ride.

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