Our hoverboards and e-scooters only lift you a few inches above the ground, but that’s all it takes to fly. Hover-1™ is dedicated to pushing the envelope for the ultimate ride. The finest expression of materials, form, and function. The latest tech. That’s how we became #1 in rideables. Step on. Step it up. See where Hover-1™ takes you.


We have just launched our premier Ride Club Program, and we're looking for fun-loving riders to show off our rideables.

Based out of Edison, NJ, Hover-1™ sources the best materials, making us one of the strongest manufacturers in the market. Our customer base spans multiple retail tiers, including but not limited to discount, mass-market retail, e-tail, and more, covering distribution channels of over 250,000 individual store locations worldwide in every marketplace.

Joining the Ride Club allows you to ride our products, both classic and new, while sharing the riding experience with your followers.


All approved riders will receive a HOVER-1™ product and access to potential future collaborations with pre-released products not yet available to the public.

Coordinating with our team and tagging @rideHOVER1 with the new "Instagram Collaboration" feature will allow you to be featured on our feed, boosting your account’s visibility.

Riders can participate in HOVER-1's TikTok challenges, potentially earning affiliate commissions.


  • You love to ride hoverboards & e-scooters
  • Your followers trust your advice
  • You enjoy creating fun photos and videos


We would love for you to consider joining the Ride Club. We can't wait to ride with you soon!

Questions? Reach us at