Hover-1™ All-Star 2.0 Hoverboard

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Welcome to the LIT SERIES! The Upgraded All-Star 2.0 electric hoverboard is ready to light up the neighborhood! Packed with plenty of power, the All-Star 2.0 is equipped with two 100W motors able to reach a top speed of 7 miles per hour with a range of 7 miles and able to get up a 10 degree incline. LED footpad and wheels dazzle with vibrant lights that add a fun flare, and headlights add visibility for riders! Easy to learn for any novice rider, the hoverboard self-stabilizes allowing you to mount easily. An excellent gift for birthdays or holidays, the All-Star 2.0 is sure to impress! We highly recommend purchasing Hover-1 safety gear. Visit the Hover-1 brand store to find helmets and pads designed specifically for hoverboard riders. Available in three exciting color schemes—blue, black, and blush—the Hover-1 All-Star 2.0 is perfect hoverboard for you.

Product Detail




400W Motor

Up to 7 MPH

Up to 7 Miles

6.5" Solid Tires

LED Lights


400W - Dual 200W Motors

The All-Star 2.0 hoverboard has dual 200W motors that can propel you up to 7 MPH. 

25.2V/4.0Ah Battery

The battery can let you ride for up to 7 miles of pure fun.

6.5" Solid Tires

Ride with the peace of mind of knowing you never have to worry about a flat tire.

LED Headlights and Infinity Wheels

The LED headlights and infinity wheels brighten up your ride. 

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