Rideables $350+


Alpha E-Scooter


The Alpha is big all the way around. 450W max motor power, extra-wide footpad, disc brakes for stopping power, and big, vertical handlebars for taller riders.

Model Number: H1-ALPHA


Journey E-Scooter


The ultra-safe Journey Electric Folding Scooter provides a convenient, stylish, and exciting form of transportation.

Model Number: H1-JNY 


Blackhawk E-Scooter


Elevate your riding game with one of the sleekest, most technologically advanced e-scooters out there.

Model Number: BMZ-BHWK


Alpha Pro E-Scooter


Step up your transportation game to true pro levels. The Hover-1™ Alpha Pro is loaded with the kind of muscle to make you king of the road.

Model Number: H1-ALPRO