max Range of up to 7 Miles

Max speed and range per charge vary based on several factors, including: rider weight, riding surface, incline, ambient temperature, battery level, riding style (stop/start vs. cruising), etc. 


Ranger Hoverboard

The solid choice. Featuring a powerful 400W motor, this hoverboard comes with two nice-sized 6.5” wheels, which will allow you to ride on numerous surfaces comfortably.
Model Number: H1-RNGE


Like to get noticed? The All-Star 2.0 comes with LED footpads,  headlights, and infinity wheels.  Go where you want. Do it with unparalleled style! 

Model Number: DSA-STR2

Dream Hoverboard

The Dream lives up to its name with stand-out features at a stand-out price. Make your travel dreams come true with the Hover-1™ Dream!

Model Number: H1-DRM

Rocket Hoverboard

Young hoverboard riders want the same excitement as older ones. The Rocket was built with this in mind, at the perfect price!

Model Number: DSA-RCKT



The app-enabled i-100 hoverboard is so technologically advanced you'll feel like you're riding into the future. 

Model Number: H1-100

Aviator EScooter

The Aviator gives you serious flash and value for your money. It comes in eye-catching iridescent, camo, galaxy, & gold color schemes.

Model Number: H1-AVI

Comet Kids EScooter

The Comet is the perfect gift for any child bringing endless fun on a single charge. With a 200W motor and up to 10 mph top speed.

Model Number: H1-COMT


Eagle EScooter

Introducing the Hover-1™ Eagle E-Scooter. With top speeds reaching 15 MPH and holding up to 264 lbs, This e-scooter is ready for all riders. 

Model Number: H1-EGE

My First Hoverboard

It’s not always fun being little. My First Hoverboard evens the score, giving kids 5 to 8-years-old a taste of the excitement.

Model Number: DSA-MFH


Chrome 2.0 Hoverboard

Chrome 2.0: An excellent choice for young riders or those new to hoverboards. The 2.0 combines safety features with all-out flash and fun. 

Model Number: H1-CME

Rebel Hoverboard

Designed with teenagers in mind.  Built to the highest standards of quality, the Rebel still comes at a very affordable price.

Model Number: DSA-REBL

Chrome Hoverboard

Comes with auto-balancing for easy riding and a built-in rechargeable battery contained within a safety-shielded enclosure. 

Model Number: HY-CHR


Astro Hoverboard

Ride big and ride bright by downloading the app with the RGB color scheme and the ultra-bright LED light arrays.

Model Number: H1-ATD



The i-200 hoverboard is so technologically advanced you'll feel like you're riding into the future. It even tracks distance traveled!

Model Number: H1-200


Charger Hoverboard

The Charger, with its superb handling, balance, and seriously chunky 10” wheels, is a hoverboard like no other.

Model Number: H1-COL