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For Ages 12 & Older


Switch Kids E-Scooter/Skateboard

The do-it-all, 2-in-1 ultimate fun ride for kids. There’s no need to buy an e-scooter AND a skateboard for the little one in your life when you get both with the Switch.

Model Number: H1-SWCH


Ranger+ Hoverboard

The Ranger Plus is an unprecedented option. It comes with two nice-sized 6.5” wheels, which will allow you to ride on numerous surfaces comfortably.

Model Number: H1-RNG+


Aviator E-Scooter

The Aviator gives you serious flash and value for your money. It comes in eye-catching iridescent, camo, galaxy, & gold color schemes.

Model Number: H1-AVI


Journey E-Scooter

The ultra-safe Journey Electric Folding Scooter provides a convenient, stylish, and exciting form of transportation.

Model Number: H1-JNY