Alpha E-Scooter

The Alpha is big all the way around. 400 Watt motor, extra wide foot pad, disc brakes for stopping power, and big vertical handle bars for taller riders.

Model Number: H1-ALPHA


Eagle E-Scooter

Introducing the Hover-1™ Eagle E-Scooter. With top speeds reaching 15 MPH and holding up to 264 lbs, This e-scooter is ready for all riders. 

Model Number: H1-EGE


Comet Kids E-Scooter

The Comet is the perfect gift for any child bringing endless fun on a single charge. With a 200W motor and a up to 10 mph top speed.

Model Number: H1-COMT


Journey E-Scooter

The ultra-safe Journey Electric Folding Scooter provides a convenient, stylish, and exciting form of transportation.

Model Number: H1-JNY 


Blackhawk E-Scooter

Elevate your riding game with one of the sleekest, most technologically advanced e-scooters out there.

Model Number: BMZ-BHWK


renegade E-scooter

The Renegade: The one that has it all. Full Feature display, rear shocks, disc brake, Bluetooth speaker, and LED Deck Light!

Model Number: H1-RENE


EDGE E-scooter

The Edge takes rideability to new limits and the experience to new levels. It truly is a smooth ride, but with an Edge.

Model Number: H1-EDGE


Flare E-scooter

Want to be the own the coolest scooter in your class? The Flare is for you! With LED deck lights, and LED front lights.

Model Number: H1-FLRE


Aviator E-Scooter

The Aviator gives you serious flash and value for your money. It comes in eye-catching iridescent, camo, galaxy, & gold color schemes.

Model Number: H1-AVI


Alpha Pro E-Scooter

Step-up your transportation game to true pro levels. The Hover-1™ Alpha Pro is loaded with the kind of muscle to make you king of the road.

Model Number: H1-ALPRO