Kart Buggy Attachment

Wow, What a ride. When you're riding a go-kart, there’s a real sense of exhilaration, of excitement, of thrill. You're in total control.

Model Number: HY-H1-BGY


Beast buggy attachment

Add a comfortable, easy-riding seat to your Hoverboard with the Beast Buggy Attachment. Steering handles let you do sharp turns, wheelies and more.

Model Number: HY-BST-BGY


Falcon buggy attachment

Racing Effects! Fog Blaster & Turbo LED lights! Independent rear wheel drive allows for quick turns and reverse driving. Adjustable frame lengths.

Model Number: H1-F1-BGY


Raptor Buggy attachment

Turn your Hover-1™ Hoverboard into the RAPTOR. Bucket seat and footrests for comfortable riding. The Raptor fits almost any board with 8" Wheels! 

Model Number: H1-RPT-BGY