hover-1™ Beast
Buggy Attachment

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Add a comfortable, easy-riding seat to your Hover-1™ Hoverboard with the Hover-1™ Beast Buggy Attachment. Steering handles let you do sharp turns, wheelies, and more. Attaches to the Hover-1™ hoverboard (sold separately). With steering handles for turns, wheelies, and other tricks.  You've already heard of the Hover-1 Beast and all of its glory; now it's time to up the ante with the Beast Buggy! The Beast Buggy boasts a large eight-inch front tire which complements the ten-inch tires that the Beast has. This air-filled tire is also treaded and to handle more rugged terrain. Maneuver your buggy with the two arm controls, allowing you to move forward, backward, and spin. The frame length is adjustable to hold all different sizes of riders. The bucket seat and footrests allow you to enjoy your buggy in comfort. Make sure you have securely installed the buggy using the adjustable straps before riding. Get ready; the Beast Buggy is here!

  • Hand Operation gives you complete control of your riding experience
  • Independent Rear-Wheel drive allows for quick turns and reverse driving
  • Fully Adjustable Frame Length to suit your needs
  • Adjustable Straps to securely attach the Buggy to your Hover-1
  • Easily attaches to most Hoverboards with 10" Wheel Size
  • Dual Shock Absorbing Coils

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