Warranty and Warranty FAQ

  • Does the warranty cover the plastic skin/shell/wheels or other external parts? Answer: No.  The warranty covers internal manufacturer defects only, not physical damage.  We have replacement shells available for sale on our Parts and Accessories page here.  Parts and Accessories

  • My charge port prongs are bent or broken. Is my hoverboard useless now? Answer: No.  This is a very easy part to replace.  Please visit Parts and Accessories to purchase a replacement charge port and visit our Hover-1 Repair Videos page for a how-to guide.  Hover-1 Repair Videos

  • Can I buy a new charger? Yes.  Hover-1 products use non-standard voltage chargers.  Use of generic chargers voids the warranty and may damage your Hover-1 or pose a serious fire risk  Chargers are available here: Parts & Accessories

  • Do I need a receipt to file a warranty claim? Answer: Yes, all warranty claims require a valid receipt or gift receipt.  There are no exceptions so please keep a copy of your receipt.

  • Do you issue refunds? No.  Please check with the store or website from which the item was purchased