The new line of Hover-1™ products is the
fun new way to travel with technology.


Hover-1™ provides the solution to alternative transportation. Our products are made to make traveling easy and exciting to get you where you need to go. We have taken technological enhancements and stepped into the transportation market to truly create innovative products. In a world where transportation is mainly fueled by gasoline and oil, our eco-friendly products are powered by an electric motor that produces zero CO emissions.

My Hover-1 XLS gets me all around the city and I love how easy it is to transport!
— Sarah
Whenever I need to go to the market, I just hop on my Hover-1 E-Scooter and travel in style.
— Jay
I travel around my neighborhood on my Hover-1 H1 and I feel great that I can travel and not add to global pollution.
— Jonathan
I love how the Hover-1 XLS is so stylish and sleek, it’s such a fashionable way to travel.
— Jo